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Purchase Contract

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Puppy/Dog Purchase Contract

Posted on March 10, 2014 at 5:30 AM



Donna Noyes

196 Rowell Mtn. Rd.

Solon, ME 04979

State of Maine Department of Agriculture

Breeding Kennel Facility License # F1350


R-N-D Kennels Bill Of Sale/Purchase Contract

This contract of sale is for the purchase of one (1) AKC eligible Rough Collie

AKC Litter/ Registration # _______________________.   Date of Birth/whelped_____________________

Name of dog, if applicable _______________________________________________________


Sire Name ___________________________________________________________________

Sire Registration #____________________________________DNA#_____________________

Dam Name____________________________________________________________________________

Dam Registration #_____________________________________________________________

Agreement made between breeder (Donna Noyes) and buyer __________________________ on___________________(date).

The following conditions apply and have been mutually agreed upon by both said breeder (Donna Noyes) and (buyer)_______________________________________________________ on___________________(date).

*The price of the above mentioned collie shall be $_______________. Entire balance due plus shipping, if applicable is payable upon pickup or shipping of said dog.

*The breeder agrees to furnish the buyer with accurate pedigree upon delivery of the dog.

*The breeder agrees to furnish the buyers with the AKC litter registration upon delivery of their dog or AKC registration if already registered.

                                                                                                                                                                                       *The buyer has full breeding rights unless purchased price was bartered for limited registration, in which case will be stated in the addendum.                                                                                                                                                                             

*Buyer agrees to use kennel logo R-N-D as a prefix to said dog  registered name and it will appear already filled in on litter registration upon receiving said dog. This is done as a courtesy to breeder's good name and continued line of dogs.

*It is recommended that the dog be maintained with annual veterinary checkups, including all immunizations current according to the AVMA guidelines.

*The buyer agrees to provide adequate housing according to state law, preferably a fenced yard, kennel, or house. This includes adequate food and water as well as sanitary conditions.

*Collies are prone to skin issues, so it is important that the buyer provides a good nutritional brand of dog food NOT the store brand, to promote a healthy immune system.

 *Monthly flea & tick application is highly recommended. Breeder recommends  (advantage multi) monthly as it covers flea, tick, heart worm, and gastrointestinal worm as well as some skin conditions.

*This dog is of good quality, it is however is being sold as a companion only, as no one can predict or guarantee a dogs performance in the show ring. It is however eligible for show through its registration.

*This dog is sold as a companion only and is not guaranteed to produce offspring. Buyer will have full breeding rights unless otherwise stated in addendum, but breeding ability is not guaranteed.

*The breeder agrees to provide current vaccines for age and worming prior to purchase and to have pup seen by a veterinarian before delivery.


On________________ R-N-D Kennels sold a dog/puppy to_____________________________________.

 R-N-D Kennels verifies that the dog/puppy was examined by ___________________________ on_________________.

Dog/puppy has been ____________________________________________________vaccines on________________. Dewormed on _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________

Breeder recommends that you follow up with the following______________________________________________________________________



At the time of delivery pup has no known health issues that render dog unfit for a pet , unless otherwise stated or disclosed in the addendum and accepted by the buyer.              

R-N-D Kennels recommends that your dog/puppy be examined by a veterinarian within 10 days of purchase,   if a veterinarian states in writing that the dog/puppy had a health problem that existed in the puppy at the time of purchase that was untreatable, congenital (excluding umbilical hernia) or life threatening that considered the animal unfit for sale at the time of purchase you may choose one of the three remedies.

 *The animal may be returned to the seller for a full refund of the full purchase price of the animal within 10 day of purchase.

 *Exchange the animal for an animal of the purchaser's choice of equivalent value if a dog/puppy is available within 10 days of purchase.

 *The purchaser may retain the animal and the breeder will reimburse the purchaser 1/2 the reasonable veterinary fees not to exceed 1/2 the original purchase price of the animal.

*** Please note that shipping fees/ costs are not considered part of the reimbursement of dog/puppy.

Should the purchaser wish to receive a remedy of reimbursement the purchaser must notify the seller within 2 business days of the diagnosis by a veterinarian and provide the seller with the name and telephone number of the veterinarian and a copy of the veterinarian report on the animal. Should the purchaser wishes to receive a full refund for the animal the purchaser must return the animal no later than two business days after receipt of a written statement from a veterinarian stating the animal was unfit for sale due to an untreatable, congenital (excluding umbilical hernia), life threatening health problem. Should the animal die and a purchaser wishes to get a reimbursement the purchaser must provide the seller with a written statement from a veterinarian indicating that the animal died of an untreatable, congenital or life threatening health problem that existed on or before the purchaser received the animal. If the seller wishes to contest a demand for remedy the seller may require the purchaser to produce all veterinary records and the animal for examination of autopsy by a veterinarian designated by the seller at a veterinary clinic within 100 miles of the purchaser's residence.

Should an untreatable congenital/hereditary (except umbilical hernia) defect arise up to one year the purchaser may request the same remedy as noted above and the seller may have the same demand as noted above.

 Seller is NOT responsible for health issues due to lack of purchasers neglect of veterinary care,  nutrition,  or living  conditions.                                                                                                      

Collies are prone to having umbilical hernias and are not covered under this health guarantee. Umbilical hernias unless severe are not considered life threatening and are repaired at the buyers expense. Any umbilical hernia large enough to cause a health issue shall be repaired by the breeder before the puppy goes to its new home.

Holding of said dog until pickup and/or shipment shall require a $150.00 nonrefundable deposit, which will be subtracted from the purchase price upon completion of sale. Exception to this agreement: If said dog does not pass veterinary exam, deposit will be refunded to buyer. Buyer will not have deposit refunded, if they fail to meet conditions of sale *meaning they fail to pay the breeder for the balance of the purchase price of said dog or any other reason.

*Shipping of said dog is at buyer’s expense. Breeder is willing to make arrangements at buyer’s request.


*PLEASE NOTE: The seller reserves the right to refuse the sale of a puppy/dog to any person for any reason. This includes a puppy/dog which has a deposit to hold, if the sale is declined, the deposit will be returned to the buyer immediately.


This agreement constitutes the entire understanding between the breeder and the buyer and shall supersede any and all previous understandings and agreements pertaining to the subject matter of this agreement. Any changes or amendments to this agreement must be in writing and agreed to by both parties.

I have read and understand this contract-Buyers signature _______________________Date_________

Buyers address________________________________________________________________

Buyers phone number (include alternate emergency#) ________________________________

 Buyers name of veterinarian of record & phone _____________________________________


I have received a copy of the animal’s health record as noted above. _____initials (Buyer will receive upon pickup).

I have received a copy of the contract on my animal _____initials. (Buyer will receive final copy upon pickup).

I have rec’d a copy of the Maine law on sale of cats and dogs _____initial. (Buyer will receive upon pickup.

BREEDER'S Signature _________________________________________Date_____________________

Email: [email protected] web address: www.rndkennels.webs.com

PURCHASE PRICE_______ DEPOSIT REC'D________ Date __________ Transaction  info _____________

PAYMENTS REC’D________ Date __________Transaction info ____________________ Balance_______

Breeder signature when paid in full__________________________________________Date__________


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